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Below is a partial list of software projects I have worked on, along with some basic details about them. They’ve been done under a variety of arrangements, the most recent of which is Protodesign LLC.

—Richard Inge

Protodesign: Sensor-based real time location system

Protodesign: Handheld device application development

StampTech: Cross-domain integration services: REST/HTTPS, WCF

StampTech: VMR engine

StampTech: Dock to warehouse RFID item tracking system

StampTech: Work order, sales order and demand reporting applications

StampTech: Purchase order creation/maintenance application

StampTech: Automatic work order creation (customized ERP processing) engine

StampTech: Visual Foxpro to SQL Server near real-time database replication engine

Protodesign: Linux kernel development

SAP Labs: IC WinClient/BCB-ICI integration

SAP Labs: IC WebClient/SAPphone

Protodesign: pdSMTP

Family Care America: Care Planner Software

SAP-AG and SAP Labs: Customer Interaction Center (CIC); Computer/Telephony Integration; IVR Integration

Philip Morris USA: Communications interface for SAP R/3

Continental Cablevision: Tandem to AIX/Oracle High-Speed Data Interface

University of Richmond: Tape Multiplexing System


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