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Linux kernel development

Currently working on a namespace modification project.

IC WinClient/BCB-ICI Integration

Implemented an interface between the SAPgui-based IC WinClient and the ABAP-based contact center communication stack (BCB/ICI - Business Communication Broker/Integrated Communication Interface), as well as the CIC0 user-interface components.

This involved creating several custom CRM-CIC components in ABAP (one function-based, the other object-based). It also employed the SAPgui HTML control to host the contact center UI, making unnecessary the per-client installation of custom ActiveX UI objects.

This project involved ABAP and Javascript programming, and employed various Web 2.0 techniques: use of the XMLHttpRequest object; compressed, encoded XML messaging; and dynamic DOM modification.

IC WebClient/SAPphone Integration

Implemented an interface between the SAPphone call center server API (the original RFC-based API) and the browser-based IC WebClient.

This project helped prove the validity of the "BSP worker session" design pattern (a separate, but same-user BSP session used to perform asynchronous contact center request/response work), and is an ancestor of the BCB/ICI (Business Communication Broker/Integration Communication Interface).


An SMTP gateway that:

  • Uses Bayesian filtering to identify spam
  • Sanitizes HTML emails (so spammers cannot use HTML code to “see” when you view their email messages)— but leaves you with the ability to view the original, unaltered HTML message as an attachment
  • Can remove Read-Receipt/Delivery Notification requests from inbound emails
  • Understands MIME encoded emails and attachments
  • Understands TNEF encoding (a Microsoft invention) and disables embedded TNEF Delivery-Notification requests and Return-Receipt requests
  • Allows individual users to maintain their own SPAM versus non-SPAM word dictionaries
  • Queues mail when the destination SMTP server is down; a sweeper process delivers mail once the destination SMTP server is back in service
  • Relays to any ESMTP capabable mail system (includes Sendmail, Microsoft Exchange 2000)
  • Does not require reconfiguration of your existing email server; pdSMTP acts as a transparent email relay/bastion
  • Does not act as an open mail relay— it explicitly forbids this
  • Can be configured to act as a “black hole” for invalid email-- thus no NDRs are generated for invalid mail accounts (to disallow fishing for valid email addresses)
  • Has a POP3 passthrough server operation mode
    • In this mode, pdSMTP connects to your inbound POP3 email server, downloads new mail, disconnects, and then processes the mail according to your configuration (SPAM identification, HTML encapsulation, etc). From that point onward, the email client interacts with pdSMTP as if it were a standard POP3 server. This allows individuals to use the spam identification/email handling features of pdSMTP as well as SMTP server-based installations
  • Can be configured to query DNS based blackhole lists (for example: Spamhaus, the Open Relay Database)
  • IP-address based blacklisting (exact or subnet), with several response options (drop connection, silently invalidate session)
  • IP-address based whitelisting (exact or subnet)
  • Rolling IP-address blacklisting (based on being a past sender of spam, with expiration of entries)
  • DNS reverse lookup (PTR record) blacklist (exact or regular expression)
  • HELO argument blacklisting (exact or regular expression)
  • MAIL FROM argument blacklisting (exact or regular expression)
  • Server-wide exclusive sender whitelist, or server-wide sender blacklist

Family Care America: Care Planner Software

As the Director of Technology for Family Care America, Inge was responsible for vendor communications, project management, and data modeling/database administration during the construction of Version 1 of the company’s website.

After the initial launch of the site, Inge was primary technical architect and implementor for later versions of the site. He designed and built the software that drove the Care Planner, the company’s interactive caregiver assistance tool.

SAP-AG and SAP Labs: Customer Interaction Center (CIC); Computer/Telephony Integration; IVR Integration

As a founding partner of AMC Development, L.L.C., Inge was the architect and original implementer of the following:

  • ABAP/4 application and dialog programs used as the base for the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) included in SAP R/3 Release 4.5
  • Computer Telephony Integration call-center API that was incorporated into the SAPphone layer in SAP R/3 Release 4.5
  • Telephony RFC servers that connected R/3 to the Genesys Telecommunication Labs CTI server
  • Telephony RFC servers that connected R/3 to the Hewlett Packard Customer Contact Manager (HP-CCM) server
  • RFC interface servers for the Conversant and Dialogic Interactive Voice Response systems

AMC Development sold its call center software to SAP-AG in 1998. Inge worked in conjunction with SAP Labs personnel to integrate and continue the development of the software that became the first version of CIC.

Since that time, CIC has become a signifcant part of’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product, and is used by SAP’s customers world-wide.

Philip Morris USA: Communications interface for SAP R/3

In its original SAP R/3 implementation, Philip Morris USA needed a way to get data from a large number of legacy systems into R/3 in a structured, controllable manner. At the time there were no viable commercial products that met PMUSA’s requirements.

Inge implemented a seamless TCP/IP server that allowed normal service requests to interact with the operating system vendor’s daemon, but would intercept data intended for R/3 and send it into the R/3 system.

This application allowed a number of legacy systems to interface cleanly with R/3, without having to expend extra resources on ad hoc, per system integration; it also allowed the central monitoring, control, logging and restart of all legacy interfaces into the R/3 system.

Continental Cablevision: Tandem to AIX/Oracle High-Speed Data Interface

Continental Cablevision needed a cost-effective system to read huge amounts of transactional data directly from its Tandem Non-Stop systems into an IBM AIX system, for processing by an Oracle-based decision support system.

Inge wrote an interface program that would read FUP COPY created tapes and, while streaming the tape, import the data into an Oracle database. The program also created the Oracle DDL for the copied tables, sizing them appropriately. He also wrote an program to read transaction logs from TMF-Auditor and apply them to the tables in the Oracle database, creating the core system infrastructure for the decision support system.

University of Richmond: Tape Multiplexing System

The University of Richmond ran its administrative systems on a computer with 20 processors, and they reorganized their database using Oracle’s export and import utilities. At the time, the system had only one tape drive—and using a single process export and import would have far exceeded the time allowed for the database reorganization. Inge built a system software tape drive multiplexer that allowed many export processes to run simultaneously, as well as a software tape drive demultiplexer that allowed many import processes to run at onceómaking the database reorganization possible within the available time.


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